Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jade // 7 months old photos that didn't quite make the cut

it's those moments of wanting the baby to sit still but it's just never gonna happen!
Expected photos versus the reality photos. But I'm glad some turned out pretty well and they are just too cute to just keep them to here I am, a proud mummy showing all the unglam, happy and funny shots of Jade.

Love this "blur" look that Jade has on her face

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Staycation at Marina Bay Sands - Swimming pool

Jade's first dip in Marina Bay Sands Swimming pool. As always, this infinity edge pool is swarmed with visitors and guests. The view here is awesome and everyone here just wants a picture of themselves against the beautiful city skyline of Singapore.

The last 2 times when we were here, Jade was still too small to go for a dip. Now that she has turned 6 months and had her jabs, it's time for her to give it a try! - To infinity and Beyond!

At first she was a bit hesitant as the waters was quite cold even though it was 4pm in the afternoon. Jade wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. But after awhile, she got accustomed to the lukewarm waters and started to have some fun as she see both her brothers were splashing waters around. Her 2 brothers were goofing around as usual....
 me and Jade looking at the city skyline
 Our First family photo at MBS Infinity pool

 above: Happy James, swimming around in his vest

 above: me trying to let jade float on her own while she was clinging onto the edge of the pool

 the boys splashing around in the pool

 there's a kiddy pool here with a view out too but with a full height glass barrier.
The waters here are warmer but it's super crowded with children and some kids love to jump into the pool directly, causing such big splashes onto others.

Our last the super hot jacuzzi. Jade was getting quite cold with the pool waters, so we brought her here to warm up a little. She was so warm and cozy that she fell asleep!

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